Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes can be controlled. My husband has diabetes and has to take insulin, so he is type II diabetes. He is not that good about caring for himself, so it is my job to take care of him.

He is good about his diet, and fair about his exercise, but who wants to look at feet? I do. I love my diabetic husband, and I want him whole. So, I make it my business to check his feet daily.

It’s not fun, but it’s necessary. I found out the hard way. One day he was standing on a ladder, I saw a whole in his bit toe. It was had almost covered the entire toe. He was about to lose it. He had no idea. The problem is the diabetic can’t feel like the pain as we do.

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So inspection is key. He wound up in the hospital and lost part of his toe. I learned. Now, I nightly inspect his feet. I feel for his pulse in his feet. The wound never completely heeled, but I watch it.

If you have someone to help watch your feet, or you must do so yourself with diabetes, please inspect your feet daily.

He also goes every six months to the foot doctor. Our insurance pays for all his doctor visits and prescriptions relating to diabetes if he goes to the eye doctor, foot doctor, and regular doctor every six months for check ups.

We all take care of my husband, and I plan on keeping him healthy with that horrible disease.

Please check diabetic feet daily, and see your foot doctor, regularly.


by Katrina Douglas

Jun 12, 10 • Diabetes News