Diabetes: Keeping Control Of This Present Epidemic Won??

Diabetes has become a disease that has achieved epidemic status in the United States and if a person becomes affected by the disease, it will cause havoc with their health and body. For example, it can lead to experiencing severe illnesses including becoming blind and having your kidneys fail on you and it can lead to untimely death as well. Furthermore, the cost of treating and caring for this problem has cost the US more than all the money that country spends on fighting wars. In fact, the total cost of treating the disease is estimated to be more than 170 million dollars annually.

This shows that caring for and treating diabetes will cost the United States more than what it currently spends on fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and also in the war against terrorism. As a matter of fact, the costs involved are greater than the 150 million dollars spent in taking care of the damage wreaked by Hurricane Katrina.

All these costs are being incurred because of the burgeoning numbers of Americans that are becoming diabetic. In fact, annually, over a million American citizens have become diabetic and are swelling the ranks of those who are already affected by the disease. This disease is not just a huge problem because it is leading to more people becoming overweight and it is the leading cause of obesity as well.

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The treatment of this awful disease has drained the economy and it is especially severe in terms of paying to treat the condition and it has also caused a lot of loss of productivity that in fact has gone up by about 32 percent since 2002.

This is a deadly illness that has resulted in more than 280,000 deaths in America and all this occurred in a single year. The costs of treating this disease is also more than what America spends on treating cancer which in turn cost the country about two hundred billion plus dollars in the year 2006.

Another major worry for America is that even those who are free from this condition will have to end up paying for the cost of treating those who are diabetics. The cost of routine treatment including paying for doctor visits and purchasing medications may not be very significant but the cost of treating the disease that cannot be controlled will significantly rise as the costs of dialysis as well as transplanting kidneys is prohibitively high.

Furthermore, more than fifty percent of the cost of treating this deadly disease goes toward paying for inpatient hospital treatment. In fact, diabetes is a disease that makes people very sick and this means that they will need to spend longer time in hospitals and that means higher costs have to be borne by the patients.

The future is also anything but rosy because it is expected that there will be further rise in instances of this disease, especially as there are considerable numbers of Americans that are in the pre diabetes stage and will need to deal with problems such as taking insulin shots and controlling their blood sugar levels.

It is expected that this disease will ruin future generations of Americans and in the next twenty to thirty years the problem can lead to handicapping state as well as local economies because money will have to be diverted away from education and other important areas and will be spent on treating patients that are diabetics.

by Tommie Howard

Jun 04, 10 • Diabetes Support Blog