How The American Diabetes Association Helps You

The American Diabetes Association is a national nonprofit organization that promotes scientific research in diabetes, public information regarding diabetes and advocacy for diabetics. The organization was founded in 1940 and has programs operational in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. This is an organization that reaches hundreds of communities year round for the benefit of those with diabetes.

The stated mission of the American Diabetes Association is to find ways to prevent and cure diabetes as well as to improve the lives of all people who are affected by diabetes. Diabetes affects millions of Americans and the Association works on their behalf to find ways to make the disease easier to live with and possibly to prevent. It also supports research efforts at a number of academic organizations.

The American Diabetes Association funds scientific research and publishes the scientific findings that its researchers discover. The Association provides whatever information or service people with diabetes, their loved ones, health professionals or the public may need. Advocating for the rights of those with diabetes is also a part of what the association does on a routine basis.

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The American Diabetes Association supports a national call center that received over 350,000 calls in the past year from people with questions, concerns or who needed support from the organization. It raises money to support research efforts, information programs and advocacy programs to help the 20 million individuals in the United States who suffers from diabetes mellitus.

The American Diabetes Association feels it has a responsibility to make sure that all work done under the auspices of the Association is above board. For that reason, they have developed a whistleblower program that allows people to report any suspected fraudulent or dishonest conduct related to resources supported by the Association.

One of the ways the American Diabetes Association raises money is through its online store. This is where they sell a large variety of cookbooks for diabetics, meal planning devices, self-care guides and other educational material for those who need help in managing their diabetes. They also have multiple events and fundraisers that increase the awareness of diabetes and raise money to support the various aspects of their mission.

An individual can become a member of the American Diabetic Association as an individual or as a health professional. In addition, the Association has thousands of children and adults who volunteer each year and various fundraisers and to help the Association function. Celebrities also help to make money for the organization every year.

Corporations can sponsor the American Diabetic Association. Through corporate sponsorship, research can be accomplished and a large amount of funds can help the Association function every year. In addition, the Association has coalitions and collaborations with organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American College of Cardiology and the Diabetes Care Coalition. It even collaborates with Nickelodeon to help children understand the benefits of diabetic prevention and management.


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