New Brunswick Diabetes Cost Model provides a wake-up call

In a speech given today in Fredericton, the Canadian Diabetes Association released preliminary data from a diabetes cost model developed for the province of New Brunswick. The New Brunswick Diabetes Cost Model found that both the cost and prevalence of diabetes in the province are at dramatically high levels and it is expected that this burden will continue to elevate over the next decade.

“To understand the true impact diabetes has on our province, it is important that New Brunswickers know the actual costs of diabetes,” said Peter McDougall, Chair of the Canadian Diabetes Association’s National Advocacy Council. “We estimate that the current economic cost of diabetes in New Brunswick to be $347 million annually. If left unchecked, it will rise to $427 million by 2020.”

“While the economic burden alone is staggering, the human cost of the disease in the province is even more troubling,” said McDougall. It is estimated that in New Brunswick, there are currently 65,000 people that have been diagnosed with diabetes (8.6% of the population), and this will rise to 88,000 (10.9% of the population) by 2020. This challenge becomes magnified when we consider that the rate of those with undiagnosed diabetes in New Brunswick has been estimated to be as high as 30%. 

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The prevalence rate in New Brunswick clearly exceeds the current national average (7.3%) and the national average forecasted for 2020 (9.9%). “These results should serve as a wake-up call to all in the province that a focused and comprehensive action plan is required to address this burden,” added McDougall. “If action is not taken soon, this growing burden will not only continue to afflict the health of thousands more in New Brunswick, but it could also cripple our healthcare system and the future prosperity of the province.”

To offset the burden caused by diabetes, the Canadian Diabetes Association has recommended that all governments immediately move to introduce comprehensive diabetes strategies that address the major drivers increasing diabetes costs and prevalence. Targeted investments in improving access to diabetes health services, education, medications, devices and supplies and financial support are all key elements in the prevention of diabetes and the serious medical complications associated with the disease.

The New Brunswick Diabetes Cost Model is based on the Association’s Canadian Diabetes Cost Model, An Economic Tsunami: the Cost of Diabetes in Canada, December 2009 report, which was developed with support of Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. The Model uses the most current Canadian data to determine the current and future economic impact and prevalence rates of diabetes.

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